Updating wiikey 2

02-Dec-2017 06:01

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Eurogamer reports that the group responsible for the first Wii mod chip has finally hacked the Wii U so that owners can play copied games.The group said on May 1 that it has reversed the process of authenticating the Wii U drive, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for a next generation key called Wii Key U.If in fact the Wii Ke U is real, Nintendo could potentially counter the exploit with a system software update.Should such a turn of events take place, we could very well be looking at a return bout of console makers versus hackers.You only need the controller for a minute - just long enough to turn on the region Key base combines various applications into a single bootable disc.This release includes: - wiikey configuration - wiikey dvd Dump (dumps discs to sdcard) - some of the most popular gamecube homebrew apps: - SDLoad 1.0 by Costis - Snes9x 1.43 GX 0.5 Port by Softdev - GCOs Multi Game Version by emu_kidid - MFE Distro 1.0 by Isobel We like to point out that this disc does not update the chips firmware in any way.) and launch DOL/ELF How to: Insert this disc into your Wiinja'd Wii and boot it.Eject it and put in your favourite GC game and boot!

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That was back in the day of D2B/DMS only consolethere are no open D2c, d2e modchips..d2c/d2e make up over 90% of the wii consoles in Australia. Softmodding is great at the moment, because yes, its free, and it works.

It merely adjusts the configuration stored in EEPROM.

GCOS for the Wiinja (NTSC) GCOS Special Version for Wiinja Modchip. : Boots all region Gamecube games (original or legal backups) Explore ISO9660 discs up to 4.7gb(?

In response to Nintendo's statement on this matter, Wii Key posted a quote from the company on its website followed by four cryptic lines of code.

Update: In response to our inquiry, Nintendo offered us ...

- Beware the orientation (front or soldier side) of RS-232 Connector - Prolonged heat to BS170/IRF510 will kill it permanently Features - - Non Swap/Direct Boot for Wii back-ups - Non Swap/Direct Boot for GC back-ups - Non Swap/Direct Boot for Homebrew in GC mode - Non Swap/Direct Boot for NTSC region Wii games/back-ups on US and JAP consoles - Boots PAL Back-ups/Originals on NTSC WII consoles (partially without swapping) - Boots NTSC Back-ups/Originals on PAL WII consoles (partially without swapping) - Boots different region GC Games Original/Back-up Imports (partially without swapping) - EUROPE/USA/JAPAN Wii Console Support - Double soldering option, 6 wires or Quicksolder (No wires required!

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