Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard Ottawa escort amature chat

22-Sep-2017 06:17

Re-engineered Thermal Design featuring All Copper Silent-Pipe and Crazy Cool 10.External SATA2 design makes you enjoying "easy to use, easy to go, and easy to play" It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.I shutted it down und plugged everything back again.Hi been looking all over the internet on my other computer for these error codes to 790i ultra motherboard and had no luck.Google led me to try disabling Windows driver installation, then removing all nvidia drivers, then deleting everything under Nvidia corporation in both program files directories (removing drivers alone did not work) then reinstalling the nvidia drivers.Apparently no SLI is a known issue with Windows 10 and nvidia SLI, especially older hardware.Anyone else encountered this with updating an MSI board? But when I put the downloaded 4.0 image on the same drive, with the same filename format (M7576AMS.400), the M-Flash option to update the BIOS does not seem to see the Version 4 file. Imagine my complete surprise when I was rewarded with the expected BIOS checksum failure and was subsequently presented with the full BIOS config menu intact, was able to reconfigure everything and finally boot into Windows normally with a functioning system.There one perceivable difference between the two flashings: On the first run it wrote the update in fits and starts, anywhere from 2% to 8% at a time, with varying pauses, while the second time through it smoothly reported 3%, 6%, 10%, ... Oh, and after all that, the computer still does not resume from S3 sleep (I didn't try S1 or S4 because I need some myself right now... Hope this is of benefit to someone else with an MSI mobo. I've updated my BIOS today from 1.4 to 4.4 with the same method and the same problems you mentioned.

Originally Posted by sweetchoch Just wanted to say thanks again.

Might I ask where excacly you are getting the other error codes from?