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The show is likely to give us a sneak peek into the personal life of the cricketer which would stir up the excitement for the movie.

The episode has been shot and will be aired over the weekend.

His family originally hailed from the village of Ingavali which was in the erstwhile Bhor State near Pune.

Kondke and his migrant family retained close connections to their rural roots.

He was credited with introducing the genre of sex comedy to Marathi cinema and Indian cinema.

Kondke was a born and raised in a cotton mill-worker family in a chawl in Naigaon, near Lalbaug, Mumbai.

In his Facebook post, Tapkir had made serious allegations against his wife and brothers-in-law.

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Due to construction of sex as a woman's duty within a marriage, there is always a presumption of her consent.The FIRs were registered on Monday after the police recorded statements of Tapkir’s mother, father and other family members.Sources close to Tapkir’s family said that his wife and two brothers-in law have decided to move court for bail on Tuesday.हि मागच्या वर्षाची गोष्ट आहे जेव्हा मी आणि माझी पत्नी इला मुंबई फिरायला गेलो होतो, आम्ही संध्या काळी एक नाईट क्लब मध्ये थांबलो होतो तिथे काही लोक नाचत होते.

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रात्री चे १० वाजले होते आणि आम्ही नाचून एकदम दमलो होतो, तेव्हा मी बाथरूम कडे गेलो होतो आणि इला तिथे एकटी होती.In his suicide note that the actor posted on Facebook, Tapkir had said that he avoided his arrest after giving the police cash of Rs10,000.