Grabit not updating groups

01-Oct-2017 10:33

Use the Import feature to bring in NZBs that you get from a website or another source.

You can also just associate Grabit with NZBs and double click them to open them in the program. Once you import the NZB, the program starts doing the rest of the work for you, grabbing all the various parts and assembling them into the complete binary.

, but you can import NZB files from other sources into the program.

This program is very simple, which might make it a good choice for people who are just learning to use USENET and NZB files.

Download and decode multiple articles at once - Download up to eight articles at the same time!

Don't waste valuable online time while waiting for a binary to decode!

However, it might be more advisable to go with a free newsreader before committing to one that costs money.

Grabit is well-designed and currently being actively developed. Grabit will ask you for your USENET credentials on the first startup, so you don’t have to go hunting around for the setup screen, which is nice.

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Exact resume - Don't waste time and bandwidth downloading data again and again!

This guide will walk you through setting up Newsbin Pro to work with Use Ne XT news servers.