Cardinal rules of dating

01-Aug-2017 01:36

leaving dirty Polaroids under each other's keyboards…doing it on your boss's desk while he or she is in the Hamptons. Find ways to make your partner fall in love with you every day4. Respect your partner and support them in all situations3. Work hard every day to show your partner that you love them for who they are.Even better if they're in a different department.2.

This is not a topic that we talk much about, but it is important, because of self-care and blah blah, so I asked the brilliant and attractive people in the NWB Facebook community to help create a list of rules. Please keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list.

It is so important to always make your relationship your first priority.

Make time for your partner and give them undivided attention every day By sticking to these rules you will be able to have a successful relationship filled with love, honesty and fun.

Not to mention the inevitable resentment such insider trading stirs among the staff members who choose to keep their pants on.

Stick with someone on the same rung of the corporate ladder.

If you're gonna dip your pen in the company inkwell, you MUST do it right.